2011 = a dedication to transparency

So : 2011.
The year when we saw through the mechanism and realised that it was as corrupt as the nutters had been saying for years. The Press pandering to the worst instincts of human pondlife, paying the police for private information and then forgetting all about it when the shit-washed “Enquiry” starts. Do they really think that we are all so stupid ?
We all know what is going on.

2011 was the year when it all became clear.

Wikileaks = dedicated to transparency, became public enemy #1. Heroes.

UK Uncut = dedicated to exposing those billionaires who PAY NO TAX.

Occupy = dedicated to exposing the vast space between US – the 99% and THEM – the 1%. Heroes all who were battered by the pigs in every city across the world. Yes the pigs, whose wages we taxpayers pay but whose snouts are so deep in the shit-trough that their loyalties are to the 1%. Believe it.

Arab Uprising = dedicated to removing dictatorships across the middle east; Tunisia and Libya have fallen, Egypt is still run by the army, Bahrain uprising (an outpost of the US Navy and jumping-off point for war on Iran) has been smashed and even doctors and nurses who tended to battered protestors were sentenced to ten years in prison. Didn’t hear Hilary Clinton speak on that one. And in Syria where there is no oil, Assad continues to gun down protestors who have never had the vote.

The Vote = dedicated to making you think that one millionaire right-wing public-school educated twat is better than another one. Before you get too cynical though, the vote actually changes things in Latin America and yes the USA. Listen why do you think they spend so many MILLIONS on it over the pond – course it changes things. So respect it, use it. People have died for it over the years and still are in Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Yemen, Iran, Kurdistan (an imaginary country that Turkey likes to bomb from time to time) and Tibet. Vote. They don’t want to you. It’s up to us to provide a better choice, and here in Brighton we elected a minority-led Green Council. It’s a growing movement.

The UK Riots = dedicated to bare freeness

The EU = dedicated to pretending that everything is going to be all right, inflicting austerity budgets on failed economies and installing puppet banker presidents in Italy Spain Greece Portugal and Ireland. The markets became the headless chicken that rules Europe. The rich got nervous. The rest of us saw through it because we had our 2011 Transparency Glasses on.  Capitalism has failed, and no one knows what to do about it.  Or is it just the end of the “West” ?

Climate Change = dedicated to making you feel guilty about driving a car or leaving the light switched on, but whether it’s our fault or not, it’s happening. Arctic ice is melting. Methane bubbles a kilometre across are spewing up in northern Russia. Which means it’s going to get faster. What we need to do is stop pointing fingers and feeling guilty and get ready for a hotter planet. The idea that we can control the climate is ridiculous when you watch the

Tsunami = dedicated to making you feel very small. A truly awesome event and amateur footage continues to emerge, all of it jaw-droppingly shocking, the speed with which whole towns were engulfed and buildings cars and people just disappeared. 18,000 died but the headlines were magnetized by the nuclear accident which followed.

Farewell – Amy Winehouse, Gary Speed, Cheetah, Socrates, Clarence Clemons, Sidney Lumet, Pete Postlethwaite, Liz Taylor, Steve Jobs, Heavy D, Cesaria Evora, Peter Falk and all the others especially the brave people of Syria and across the world who put their lives on the line in order to be able to live without fear.

Happy New Year to you all, may 2012 bring more light to further dark corners.

This actually is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the end of Pisces, the end of the love of power, the dawn of the power of love.

It’s up to us.